I have received a Notice from Rossendales addressed to somebody who does not live at my address. What should I do?


If you are not the person the letter is addressed to then you have no need to worry. You MUST notify us immediately so that we (and other creditors) do not continue to send letters or call at your address. We ask you to supply a copy of a current utility bill in your name (e.g. gas/electric/telephone) or a current tenancy agreement as proof of occupancy. Please be aware that it is common for debtors to deny their identity. If you are not the debtor you have nothing to hide.

If you know the person that the letter is addressed to and/or have a forwarding address and/or telephone number, providing those details will reduce the chances of others writing to your address. It would also assist if you can tell us when they moved.


I have received paperwork left by the bailiff, detailing unpaid council tax / business rates owed to the council, even though I know I do not owe anything to the council. What should I do?


The council reasonably believes that the debt is still due and have passed the case to Rossendales for enforcement.  Contact the council immediately to resolve this dispute; failure to do so may lead to further costs and unnecessary visits being incurred.


Bailiff has attended my address and left a notice of attendance whilst I was out. What should I do?


Contact the bailiff immediately on the telephone number provided on the paperwork he/she has left. The bailiff will arrange for a convenient time to call back to discuss the best way of settling the debt or setting up a payment plan. 


I have been contacted by Rossendales and I want to pay. Can I have more time?

The sooner you contact us, the longer we can give you to pay.  The Local Authority, our client has now obtained a Liability Order and we are instructed to recover the debt immediately or seize goods. However, we will always consider a reasonable offer of repayment provided that any arrangement is within our clients’ guidelines. We will do everything in our power to assist those who want to pay.

You must contact our call centre urgently on 0844 701 3980 or email


What should I do if I have an arrangement but cannot afford to make my regular payment?

You should contact Rossendales as soon as possible to explain the reason why your circumstances have changed. Dependent on the type of arrears, your current arrangement plan and your circumstances, we may be able to discuss further payment options. You should never reduce your payments without notifying us as your case will be issued to a bailiff and further costs may be incurred.


What should I do if I forget to make my payment?

You should contact Rossendales immediately to explain why you have missed the payment and arrange to pay the missed payment. NEVER IGNORE the fact that you have missed a payment.  Our systems are automated and we will think that your intention is not to pay your arrears and issue the case to a bailiff for immediate enforcement action which will incur more costs.


I have been advised not to answer the door to the bailiff - what might happen?

A bailiff attends your property to secure the debt for the creditor, in most cases the Local Authority.  Costs increase with the more visits a bailiff has to make to your address.  A Rossendales bailiff will call back on numerous occasions at numerous times of the day in an attempt to meet with you.  It will cost you less if your deal with the bailiff on the first visit. The later you leave it to pay, the higher the charges you may have to pay. This is because we have had to carry out more work to collect the amounts you owe.

A bailiff may levy and remove property that is outside your premises such as a vehicle.  However, a bailiff would rather set up a reasonable payment plan with you than remove your goods. Please talk to the bailiff.

If you wilfully refuse to pay, your case will be returned to the Local Authority who will consider other options, including application for committal to prison, bankruptcy and/or the recycling to another bailiff company.


What should I do if I am too embarrassed or frightened to contact Rossendales?

There is absolutely no need to be either. You are indebted to the Local Authority or another Creditor and it is our job to collect the outstanding balance.  Provided it is your intention to pay, it is up to us to help you to achieve that.  We are not here to judge you, embarrass you or frighten you.  The debt will not go away so it is important that you contact us as soon as possible, and we will do all in our power to help you set up a reasonable repayment plan.


What should I do if I have ignored all correspondence, all previous visits and the bailiff is attending to remove my goods?

By this stage it is probably too late to pay by instalments, but if we do not know your circumstances we cannot help.  We will always consider your circumstances and work together with the Local Authority or other creditor to provide every opportunity to enable you to make payment.

If I am suffering severe financial problems, what can I do?

We suggest that you contact your local CAB office.  You can find your nearest CAB office by logging on to

Alternatively, you can phone the National Debtline free phone number on: 0808 808 4000

How can I complain about Rossendales or one of their employees?

Nobody is happy when a bailiff calls; however, this in itself is not a reason to complain.  We are aware that we often work with individuals, families and businesses going through difficult periods which can produce strong feelings and emotions.  Rossendales staff are committed to ensuring individuals are treated properly with respect and courtesy. If we have not dealt with you in this way we want to know about it.

Anyone wishing to make a complaint may do so in person, by telephone or in writing by letter, fax or e mail.  If you complain by telephone we will try to resolve your complaint on the spot.  Similarly, if you complain in writing we will respond promptly and in any case within 10 days of receipt.  If this is not possible we will explain why and give you a new deadline.

Please note - making a complaint will have no effect on the debt that you owe or the charges that you have incurred.

We can be contacted:-

By Phone             0844 701 3980

By Email     

By Mail                 Rossendales Ltd., Wavell House, Holcombe Road, Helmshore, Rossendale, BB4 4NB