Gender pay statement for Rossendales Ltd

In our aim to become the leading judicial services Group, we have a commitment to ethics and professionalism that makes a valuable contribution to shaping our industry. As an employer, we're committed to promoting diversity and gender equality. We offer all of our people the same growth and development opportunities within a positive, open and inclusive environment.

Our approach to pay is gender neutral by design, notwithstanding our rapid expansion through acquisitions. Our analysis shows that our gender pay gap is a result of the structure of our workforce and the historic implications of company integration. In general, we have more male representation in higher paid roles.

We know there's work to do to close the gender pay gap, following our period of acquisitions. As a first step, we're committed to developing a deeper understanding of the reasons why we have a gender pay gap, and where appropriate, defining and implementing appropriate actions to help us make positive changes. Our next step will be to focus particularly on getting more women on to Boards and into the management team.

Rossendales Ltd Gender Pay Gap Information 2017: Rossendales
Mean gender pay gap in hourly pay 13%
Median gender pay gap in hourly pay 19%
Mean bonus gender pay gap 15%
Median bonus gender pay gap -50%
Proportion of males receiving a bonus payment 55%
Proportion of females receiving a bonus payment 45%

The pay gap calculation is the difference between male and female pay, expressed as a percentage of male pay.

Proportion of males and females in each pay quartile (Rossendales)

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Richard Shearer
Group Chief Financial Officer