Our vision and values

Our vision and values

After becoming part of Marston Holdings in March 2013, Rossendales now also adhere to the Group visions and values.

Marston Holdings aim to become the industry's leading judicial services Group and the preferred choice for government, business and individuals that need a professional partner to deliver the most effective, firm and fair services to customers who owe money.

Our role carries a number of responsibilities that we understand clearly and we will continue to carry out our duties with the utmost care.

Our duties

We believe it is our duty:

  • to recover monies owed to the taxpayer, or to business, from customers able to pay the monies owed;
  • to identify customers that are vulnerable, and to deal with these cases sensitively;
  • to make it easy for customers to get access to free and independent debt advice;
  • to treat customers respectfully, whether on the phone or in person;
  • to engage with advice sector representatives;
  • to apply only proportionate fees to customers;
  • to respond quickly to queries or complaints;
  • to protect both our agents and our customers;
  • to be transparent, open and honest; and
  • to admit when we make mistakes, and to rectify them quickly when they occur.

Our vision

We have a long-term vision for the Group, and underpinning that vision is our capacity to deliver enhanced returns to clients whilst engineering out systemic risk and increasing compliance.

As part of this process we will continue to work with:

  • the advice sector, and we will support the government in introducing the regulation that will transform public perception of what is a vital public service;
  • the judiciary, in particular developing our dialogue in relation to how County Court judgments might be recovered more effectively in future;
  • local authorities, to ensure that the implications of welfare reform are worked through carefully; and
  • corporate partners, to develop collaborative and innovative first generation outsourcing partnerships for both central government and local government opportunities.

Our work will continue to bring direct benefit:

For taxpayers, by raising recovery rates for unpaid court fines, national and local taxes, road traffic penalties and other debts, supporting the effective and efficient delivery of justice and securing revenue due to government that is essential for the delivery of local and national public services.

For businesses, by recovering unpaid business debts faster and with greater use of amicable and compliant procedures, protecting clients' brand reputation, securing amounts owed in reduced timeframes and helping small businesses to continue trading with rapid recovery of cash.

For individuals, by helping employees to fast track enforcement of their unpaid Employment Tribunal Awards and helping individuals to professionally enforce their court-sanctioned private debts and rights.

For our teams, by providing a positive working environment that offers great career opportunities for motivated individuals and professional, fair and attractive rewards based on performance and equal opportunity.

We have five core values that we put at the heart of our thinking:

  • Respect
  • Transparency
  • Accountability
  • Professionalism
  • Innovation

For more information on our visions and values, and our five core values, please click here.

We work hard to make sure that there is no disconnect between the company's vision and values, and the actions of our people.