Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked Questions

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Effective Debt Recovery Solutions

Do Rossendales offer a service to collect small council tax balances like those from welfare schemes?

Yes we do. We recognise the importance in offering collection solutions for all debt types and amounts in a proportionate and low-cost way. We offer extended compliance stage schemes, blending letters with outbound telephony in a strategy designed to maximise engagement and secure effective payment levels. We also offer debt collection based solutions delivered by our own Debt Collection Agencies as an alternative that avoids the statutory fees being applied.

How well is the Taking Control of Goods (TGoG) process working?

The TCoG process is working very well. Rossendales applies a standard four letter compliance stage process, commonly for around 30 days, although this can be tailored to client requirements as required. Collections in compliance commonly account for over a third of the amounts we collect and reflect the intensive nature of the lettering and outbound telephony strategies we apply. We embrace the enforcement agent transformation requirement that is at the heart of TGoG and our service is characterised by our extensive compliance stage activities, high collections and low complaints.

How extensively do you apply the removal / sale fee?

The fee is applied minimally and in accordance with regulations and advice from the Civil Enforcement Association (CIVEA), that states it should be applied only when positive action is taken in the removal process, so for instance ordering a removal vehicle and being able to evidence that action. Rossendales is transparent in its service delivery and supports a robust checking of the fee application by clients. By requesting providers to supply a list of all cases where the fee has been applied clients can review the validity of the fee and require its removal if it’s considered inappropriate; this will demonstrate to the Ministry of Justice a rigour in fee auditing and minimise unethical actions.

How do Rossendales identify vulnerable customers?

We train our back office and enforcement agents extensively to identify and work with vulnerable customers using training material developed in partnership with the Royal College of Psychiatrists and Money Advice Trust. Our in-house Samaritan-trained Welfare team administers cases where severe financial hardship is identified in a sensitive and fair manner, referring many debtors to Citizens Advice Bureaus nationwide, and to StepChange, the debt charity we part fund.

The Welfare team also works closely with vulnerable customers to ensure cases are resolved efficiently, whilst the best care and service is provided. Our vulnerability training is offered to local authorities for the development and awareness of their own officers, and dozens of clients and non-clients have benefitted to date.

What impact has Body Worn Video (BWV) had since its introduction?

The use of BWV has had a hugely significant and positive impact since its introduction. The ability to record and review audio and visual footage brings transparency and accountability to enforcement agents’ actions, moderates behaviour, provides vital evidence for dispute resolution, and demonstrates Rossendales’ commitment to delivering a high quality, ethical service to our clients. Our BWV footage retention policy was only finalised after the direct involvement of the Information Commissioner’s Office, who attended our offices to discuss and agree the final content, ensuring clients knew that the process met with formal approval.

Does Rossendales’ work result in many founded complaints?

No! Every effort is made to ensure that our actions remain reasonable and proportionate and that our service delivery focuses on fairness and accountability. All phone calls to our Contact Centre are recorded and all visits by our agents are filmed to demonstrate the 100% visibility of our service delivery. Rossendales is also investing in new technology to assist the complaints handling process and aspires to continue the trend of the last three years that confirm a year-on-year reduction of complaints to 0.02% of all the cases referred annually.