Rossendales Collect Services

Rossendales Collect Services

Rossendales Collect was formed in 2004, to fully complement the delivery of enforcement services and meet the rising demand for a public-sector focused debt recovery service. It has since developed into a market-leading debt recovery company, with over 250 clients.

We are highly experienced in both the public and private sectors and our significant and rapid growth, along with the excellent feedback we receive from our clients, is testament to our success.

By adopting a consultative approach to the recoveries process, we are able to develop and maintain successful partnerships with our clients. Significant investment in both technology and people has allowed us to provide a 'best in class' recovery solution to our clients, which is evidenced by increased collection performance.

The key components of our recovery processes are:

  • portfolio segmentation;
  • bespoke lettering campaigns and strategies;
  • predictive dialer capability utilising blend and IVR technology;
  • full call recording ensuring PCI DSS compliance;
  • SMS text messaging to improve contact rates;
  • doorstep recovery with nationwide coverage; and
  • Online Client Access to allow real-time updating of accounts.

At Rossendales, we believe in taking a fair, sensitive and ethical approach to debt recovery. We are fully compliant with the CSA Code of Practice, Data Protection Legislation and all other regulatory requirements.

All our processes and procedures exceed the standard required for ISO 9001:2008. Rossendales Collect was one of the first organisations in the UK to achieve this standard.