We have been enforcing court orders on behalf of local authorities for over 40 years. Our enforcement services are for council tax and national non-domestic rates, road traffic conventions, commercial rents, arrest and committal.

We work closely with our clients to support their needs, from financial requirements to policies on environmental issues, and our team includes former council revenues practitioners.

At Rossendales, we ensure that costs are reduced and collection rates are increased by accurately profiling and segmenting cases whilst assessing each customer's situation, to determine the most effective approach.

In 2010, we extended our service capabilities by introducing High Court Enforcement services, which means our officers are authorised to enforce High Court writs throughout England and Wales.

The rules governing enforcement are set out under regulations introduced under the Tribunals, Courts and Enforcement Act 2007. These include fixed, transparent fee schedules, protections for vulnerable customers and new standards for training of Enforcement Agents. For more information on these regulations and how they help up us operate in an ethical manner, you can download the Enforcement Toolkit here.