Trainer profiles

Trainer profiles

Dave Chapman

Dave is a Fellow of the Institute of Revenues Rating and Valuation (IRRV), with 19 years' experience in local government. He joined Rossendales in 2004 from Bury Borough Council where he was the Revenues Manager. He was elected to the IRRV National Council in 2005; the first member of the enforcement agent and debt collection profession to achieve such status. He was also the National President in 2012/13. He also serves on the Education and Membership Committee.

Dave is a regular speaker on enforcement and vulnerability topics and was a college tutor for the IRRV teaching revenues administration, council tax law, national non-domestic rates law and local authority administration framework for over ten years.

Steve Brockington-Brown

Steve is a Corporate Member of the IRRV, with 20 years' experience in local government. He began his career with the London Borough of Wandsworth, where he implemented community charge, before moving to Broxtowe Borough Council where he worked for ten years managing the Billing and Recovery functions.

In June 2000, he moved to Leicester City Council as the Revenues and Benefits Manager, where his team was responsible for implementing system and process changes which delivered continuous improvements in council tax collection rates every year since 2003.

Steve has developed a range of training and motivational skills in administering revenues collection in a challenging city authority. He has considerable experience with Best Value and Audit Commission inspections, has participated in a number of forums, and has provided training and consultation to other councils on methods to improve revenue collection performance.

James McKilop

James has over 20 years' experience working in local government revenues, starting his career in the Community Charge Section at Great Yarmouth Borough Council. In 1993, he moved over to the Revenues team and acquired an extensive knowledge in council tax and non-domestic rating registration, billing and recovery matters; often attending and representing the authority at Liability Order and Committal Hearings.

In 1998, James became a certificated enforcement agent, recovering outstanding council tax and non-domestic rates in the Norfolk area. He remained in this role until 2005 when he became Council Tax Manager at the City of Lincoln Council.

In 2007, he helped steer his team to win the IRRV Revenues Team of the Year Award and in the same year, qualified as a full professional corporate member of the IRRV (Hons).

James has prepared and presented various training programmes to staff over the years and as he is also a certificated enforcement agent. He is able to apply a comprehensive and objective approach to dealing with revenues-related matters.

Nadia Kauser


Nadia Kauser is a lead trainer and has over 20 years' experience working within the benefits service. She has built an excellent understanding of housing and council tax, social security benefits and welfare reform, which is delivered to local authorities and housing associations at a very high standard.

Nadia has written and delivered training for many local authorities and a wide range of voluntary and charitable sector organisations across the UK.

She is a qualified IRRV Benefits Technician and Preparing to Teach in the Lifelong Learning Sector (PTTLS). She has a wealth of experience and knowledge and is able to deliver training in different delivery styles, in a clear, concise and professional manner. Nadia is an enthusiastic and a well-respected, experienced trainer.

Darren Kelk - MICM IRRV

Darren has over 19 years' experience in the enforcement and debt collection sector, working on behalf of agencies in specialist areas. He has experience in high volume, low value consumer debt, commercial debt, tracing, building data platforms, debt purchase, field operations, local and central government and outsourcing.

As a consultant, Darren works with large companies building data platforms to maximise internal strategies. Managing external suppliers and buying bulk downloads enabled me to create bespoke data platforms that are maximising collections for both consumer and commercial accounts.

He has delivered bespoke training programmes to maximise internal collections to well over 4,000 delegates in the last ten years.

He takes time out to progress his passion for football and complete his UEFA B Coaching License in 2002. Darren went on to work part time at Mansfield Town FC with the under 15's/16's then full time in 2014 coaching the under 18's

Now working part time at Barnsley FC with the under 13's and having recently completed Part 1 UEFA A at St Georges Park, Darren will complete Part 2 in May 2016, again at SGP to gain the highest qualification in coaching in world football.