Rossendales is pleased to announce that it has been acquired by Marston Holdings Limited, who also own Marston.

Marston Holdings secured additional funding from the Rothschild Group, Lloyds Bank and Inflexion in order to make the acquisition.

Rossendales Limited. Marston and Rossendales are therefore now sister companies within the same corporate family.

The enlarged Group, which specialises in an integrated compliance and enforcement process, now provides services to:

  • HMRC
  • Legal Services Commission
  • Child Support Agency
  • Student Loans Company
  • Transport for London
  • 196 local authorities across England and Wales
  • 500 solicitor firms and private clients

Being part of the same Group will help each company to offer more services to each set of clients. The two companies should also bring out the best in each other, and will be able to learn from each other.

Marston Holdings now receives 1.2 million cases each year through Marston and Rossendales. Over 1,000 staff and self-employed agents work for, or with, the two companies.

Marston and Rossendales recovered over £150 million for the taxpayer last year, which is equivalent to the annual salaries of around 6,000 nurses. Over £50 million was recovered for private clients.

The creation of the UK’s first judicial services corporate of scale, undertaking significant early stage compliance collections, tracing & investigation services and every type of court order recovery, offers significant benefits for both clients and customers.

An independent Advisory Group has just been formed, for example, with a remit to oversee governance and ethics of both businesses. Appointees include:

  • Baroness Eaton, former Chair of the Local Government Association
  • Elizabeth Filkin, former Parliamentary Commissioner for Standards and former Chief Executive of Citizens Advice
  • Vernon Everitt, Transport for London’s Managing Director of Customer Experience
  • Marc Gander, Consumer Action Group founder
  • Mark Glover, Chief Executive of Bellenden Public Affairs
  • Claer Lloyd-Jones, ethical audit partner

This is a ground-breaking initiative that provides a high level of assurance that reputational risk is being managed effectively.

Body worn videos are also being rolled out to every field agent across the two organisations, and the scope of Marston’s ongoing ethical audit is being extended to cover both businesses.

Further pioneering initiatives are due for rollout by the summer.

Fiona Bruce interviews Gareth Hughes to ask about the changes that have taken place:

Marston has also just relaunched its website, featuring more information about the people working with, or for, the company, including video interviews with staff, PAYE officers and self-employed agents:

Marston is passionately committed to the development of transformational processes for clients, based on early stage compliance, a free-to-government recovery model and a high quality of service to customers – with independent oversight and review. Today’s announcements represent evidence of our progress in both defining and delivering these outcomes.